Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi Midfielders,

Are we already in week three of term six?  What an incredibly busy, but amazing term it has been so far.

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again – what a talented bunch of people we are!  We have seen amazing acting, singing, dancing and work displayed with various assemblies performed by Grasshoppers, Bluebirds, Owls, Rabbits and Foxes.  Soon it will be Ladybirds class assembly, the Year 6 performance AND ‘Shine’ concert!

On the 19th of June we celebrated ‘Empty Classroom Day’.  We try and make use of the wonderful outdoor area Midfield School has to offer on a daily basis, but on Friday the WHOLE school dedicated and ENTIRE day to outdoor learning.  Although it was exhausting, it was great fun!  For photos, please visit our ‘Gallery’ on the school website.

Well everyone…hold on to your seats, because we are for a very busy remaining twenty days of school!

Mrs Viljoen

Friday, 17 April 2015

Well, term 5 has definitely been off to a flying a start!  (Pun definitely intended). We have launched the use off the Learning Ladders – helium balloons, song and dance…the whole she bang!  We are looking forward to visually seeing our progress as we climb the Learning Ladders. This matches with our school motto – REACH: Respond, Engage and Climb Higher.  For photos and more information, visit Owls Class Page on the website.
I’m sure you have noticed that it has become warmer, seeing as we are in the Season of Spring.  Please remember to bring in your water bottle (labelled).  Conditions have improved so much that Forest School (for Early Years and Year One) can resume, so please remember your forest school clothes (labelled). 

Enjoy term 5 - grab hold of every opportunity that Midfield has to offer!

Owls Class

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blog for EYFS 27.3.15

This week we have focused on understanding why Easter is important to Christians and how we celebrate this time at school, home and traditions within the wider community. The children have found out about the Easter story and have enjoyed making patterns on Easter eggs (our maths focus has been symmetry) .The children have made Easter cakes and found out about how chocolate can change.   We have thought about new life and why eggs are associated with Easter.
On Autism Awareness Day we discussed how we were different to our friends (especially through wearing our favourite colours) and thought about ways that other children are different.

Next term our focus will be on transport and travel (‘Off We Go’).

We hope that you will have an enjoyable break with your families.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

EYFS Blog Page: 20.3.15

We would like to remind you about our phonics drop-in sessions between 9:00 and 9:50 on Tuesday mornings. We look forward to seeing you !

This week’s focus has been on Jack and the Beanstalk. We have enjoyed reading and retelling the story and have created our own versions of the Giant’s face! The children have started to think about plants and what they need to grow. We have watered a bean seed  to observe germination and the production of roots and shoots before we sow the plant in compost. Our mathematical foci have been sharing amounts fairly and using the vocabulary needed to compare weight (heavy; heavier; heaviest; light; lighter; lightest)

Next week we will be learning about the significance of Easter to Christians  and  why we give Easter eggs. We will also be thinking about how everyone is different, having different ideas and preferences. This will link to autism awareness day.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Red Nose Day at Midfield

Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day on the 13th of March 2015! Midfield had a cake challenge. We had to pay £1 to take part in the bake off and the PSA kindly sold the cakes on our behalf after school.  We have managed to raise over £250 and that meant……..MR SHARP had to dye his hair red. It was really fun.  The whole school had to go into the hall to watch Mr Sharp have his hair sprayed red. I laughed so much that I was crying!

Billy-Rae Kelynack

Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day. It was really fun and we had to bring £1 in to wear red clothes. 
We had to bring some cakes into school for a bake off – we had to pay a pound to enter. Well done to Callum and Ellie who won the bake off.  The cakes were sold after school and we raised lots of money, so Mr Sharp had to spray his hair red!

Lily Etheridge

On the 13th of March Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day!  There was a challenge for Midfield to bake the best cakes so that we could sell them.  To enter, you had to pay £1.  There were so many yummy cakes I could just eat all off them! In the end Callum and Ellie won the bake off.

We had managed to raise over £250 which meant … Mr Sharp had to dye his hair red! Midfield took lots off pictures with him and everyone laughed so much they started to cough. All thanks to Mrs Long & Mrs Cardigan our Red Nose Day HEROES who made sure we had the red dye ready!
That is the end of my Red Nose Day report.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

In code club we learn how to code objects as so to make characters move on the screen. Mrs Viljoen holds the code club in her classroom. We use code to find and figure out the different puzzles. The most fun thing is that we get to go on to different coding levels when we’ve finished each one. We have to tell the computer what to do to complete the puzzles.
Mia Foster

Monday, 9 March 2015

Year 3 Blog Club
Term 4 Week 2 – reporting back on Book Week
Midfield Book Week

The week starting the 23rd of February Midfield celebrated their book week.  We met an author called Denis Bond. He wrote more than 40 stories!

Lily Etheridge

Midfield Book Week

The week starting the 23rd of February, Midfield celebrated their book week. We got to meet the author Denis Bond. My class book was Oliver Twist so we had to dress up as characters out of Oliver Twist .The character I dressed up as was Nancy.

Baylee-Rae Kelynack

Midfield book week

The week starting the 23rd of February, Midfield celebrated their book week. We met the author Dennis Bond . I dressed up as Oliver Twist on world book day, because my class read Oliver Twist that week.

Leonard Lovick