Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Well it’s a huge hello from me to you, as not only am I one of Midfield’s newest teachers, but  I have been given the privilege of writing for the new staff blog. With Mrs Sesli’s blog proving to be so popular we thought some readers might like to hear from teaching staff too.

Given that, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for being so welcoming since I joined as year 6 teacher in April. I’ve had a fabulous first half term getting to know the school, staff and children and cannot express enough how happy I am to be a part of this fantastic community.

In fact, in this blog ‘community’ is really my main focus because from the day I came in to for my first interview to right now, as I sit listening to the children rehearsing for their school production, it is the sense of community which comes across so strongly here.  Children looking after each other, taking responsibility for their learning and contributing to the running of their school, coupled with staff who work so hard to bring this all together, whilst maintaining a supportive and happy moral among themselves. Such a combination is difficult to create - yet here we have it in bundles!

On that note then it’s no wonder the year 6s are so sad at the prospect of leaving in July; but at least they will go safe in the knowledge that Midfield has provided them with the best start in their education they could possibly have had.

From the people who held their hands as they nervously took their first steps through the reception doors, to the ones who sat and listened to their troubles and fears when they felt down and the ones who sparked their ambition and fed their hunger for knowledge; at Midfield the feeling that we will get through this together is clear. And for those year 6s who are with me until they do leave; I can promise that we will make these last few weeks the best yet!  So Midfield – thanks for having me and here’s to the future of excellence and community! Best wishes from Mrs S Donnelly.

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