Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hi Midfield Super Stars!

As always, the autumn term is definitely a busy one!  Well done to all of you who have fallen into good routines already! I'm very impressed that so many of you are living-up to the expectations your teachers have when it comes to reading at home and homework.  For those who are not quite there yet - keep trying to read every day and remember that homework is due on Wednesdays in most classes.

I've also noticed that you are all looking extremely smart - particularly Year 6 in their fantastic ties and jumpers!

This week, all of our after-school clubs are starting, so it will be an extra exciting week for many of you!  We also have some musicians joining us on Thursday for a day of musical activities - how fabulous!

Keep up the hard work all of you and keep smiling (it's contagious don't you know)! :o)
Miss Findlay

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