Thursday, 19 March 2015

Red Nose Day at Midfield

Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day on the 13th of March 2015! Midfield had a cake challenge. We had to pay £1 to take part in the bake off and the PSA kindly sold the cakes on our behalf after school.  We have managed to raise over £250 and that meant……..MR SHARP had to dye his hair red. It was really fun.  The whole school had to go into the hall to watch Mr Sharp have his hair sprayed red. I laughed so much that I was crying!

Billy-Rae Kelynack

Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day. It was really fun and we had to bring £1 in to wear red clothes. 
We had to bring some cakes into school for a bake off – we had to pay a pound to enter. Well done to Callum and Ellie who won the bake off.  The cakes were sold after school and we raised lots of money, so Mr Sharp had to spray his hair red!

Lily Etheridge

On the 13th of March Midfield celebrated Red Nose Day!  There was a challenge for Midfield to bake the best cakes so that we could sell them.  To enter, you had to pay £1.  There were so many yummy cakes I could just eat all off them! In the end Callum and Ellie won the bake off.

We had managed to raise over £250 which meant … Mr Sharp had to dye his hair red! Midfield took lots off pictures with him and everyone laughed so much they started to cough. All thanks to Mrs Long & Mrs Cardigan our Red Nose Day HEROES who made sure we had the red dye ready!
That is the end of my Red Nose Day report.

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