Thursday, 5 February 2015

23.1.15: EYFS

We have carried on with our animal theme this week and have focused on cats. We have enjoyed reading the ‘Mog’ books.

The children wrote information about what cats need, made labels and collages and found out about some of the difference between wild cats and domestic cats (this came with sound effects). We have carried on with our Read Write Inc programme this week and the children carry on working in their groups. During Maths the children have practised addition and  we have worked formally on subtraction for the first time (‘get ready to take away’). They have acted out number stories (using the correct Maths Makes Sense language) and both additions and subtractions within the same number story.  They have used ‘cups’ to solve the problems. Next week we will be reading stories about rabbits and finding out information about how to care for a rabbit. Our mathematics next week focuses on writing numbers and carrying on and creating patterns.

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