Friday, 6 February 2015

EYFS Blog 6.2.15

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to play in the snow this week and worked hard finding out about its properties and how it changes as the temperature increases. We were fortunate to take part in the visit from Rion Pierre who inspired the children when they were taking part in the activity session (circuit training in the hall!). In addition to this we have thought about how fish are different to other pets and how we can sort animals by their skin covering (do they have fur, feathers or scales?). During our Maths sessions we have ordered numbers and practised addition and subtraction by using the Maths Makes Sense cups. The children are working on mixed addition and subtraction problems such as 2+3+3-2= 6. Next week we will be continuing with the School Healthy Living project and finding out about how some people celebrate Chinese New Year.

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